Muskrat love

Does anyone remember The Captain & Tennille? Specifically, I am thinking of the song, “Muskrat Love.”

Here’s why it’s on my mind. Last night, about dusk, I went for a walk by the local river. Spring has just established itself here; we got up to 20ºC (=70ºF) for the first time yesterday.

There were three muskrats swimming near shore. This is not an uncommon sight in the spring, when I often see muskrats working industriously near the shoreline. What surprised me was that one of them was squeaking. I have never heard a muskrat make any noise before; I thought they were always silent.

The mystery was solved when another muskrat swam swiftly over, gave the squeaking muskrat a few love bites, then climbed up onto its back. I had witnessed a “come hither” squeak.

muskrat kiss

And that is when I thought of “Muskrat Love”. The Captain’s synthesizer solo, which is programmed to sound like little animal noises, is kind of accurate. The critters really make that noise when they indulge in a little muskrat love. Who knew?!

I have a native friend who says that muskrats are my spirit guides. I like to sit by water when I’m wrestling with a problem. As a result, at times of transition or crisis in my life, I have often been comforted by the sight of muskrats frolicking.

So what are my spirit guides telling me?:

  1. I am in for some hot sex, complete with love bites;
  2. As the Desiderata says, “whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should”; or
  3. I should rush out and buy The Captain & Tennille’s greatest hits.

Let’s hope the correct option isn’t (c). The Captain and Tennille isn’t my kind of music, even if The Captain knew more about muskrats than I gave him credit for.That’s the trouble with spirit guides: their guidance is often ambiguous. Anyway, I am pretty sure spirit guides don’t make commercial endorsements.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Journeywoman
    Apr 20, 2005 @ 09:21:00

    This one made me grin. If your spirit guide is telling you to subject yourself to Captain and Tenille, it can only mean you’ve been a very bad boy and require some serious penance.

    p.s. That deleted post was from me. It contained a spelling/grammar error that I just couldn’t leave in, and you can’t edit once you’ve posted!!


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