Autumn leaves

This was Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. (We’re quicker to give thanks this far north: when winter sets in, we cease to be thankful!) The weather was extraordinarily warm for the time of year, so I made a quick solo trip to a cottage (which I have blogged about previously).

En route #1
road through autumn hills 1

En route #2
serious rocks

En route #3
typical cottage road

The far side of the lake
autumn leaves across a lake

Food for Monarch butterfly larvae
milkweed gone to seed

Sumac, which turns such a lovely colour this time of year!
sumac turned red

On top of the world — or at least, the cottage roof —
after a little chimney repair

on the cottage roof

Say goodnight, Gracie.
night sky

(Yes, this is the moon rising … not the sun setting.)

copyright © 2006, Stephen


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