How to end terrorist attacks on public transit

This is a brilliant idea, and I’m proud that it originated in Ottawa.

if you see something, say something

I have only one question:  how do we enforce the new law, requiring all terrorists to wear Bermuda shorts?


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  1. Ozymandias
    Nov 21, 2006 @ 04:26:12

    Drugs in the water?


  2. 49erDweet
    Nov 21, 2006 @ 09:56:24

    I was thinking the pasty white legs could be a giveaway, but then realized this was Ottawa, not Phoenix. So back to the drawing board.



  3. Mary P
    Nov 21, 2006 @ 19:33:05

    Yeah. Pasty white legs are de rigeur here in November. They match the bleak gray skies. Bleah. Much more of this, and I’LL be the penguin in the wild shorts!


  4. Bill
    Nov 22, 2006 @ 14:17:20

    Mary P – Its Tuesday and you have your wish look out the window. So we won’t be seeing you in rainbow sharts eh?


  5. Stephen
    Nov 22, 2006 @ 17:23:58

    • Bill:

    I will be very surprised — flummoxed, even — if Mary P. tells me she has been out sunbathing today. The sun may be shining, but late November in Ottawa is still not the time and place for shorts!


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