Love that stands the test of time

This photograph of an archaeological discovery is very powerful:

Valdaro lovers

I know it’s trite to point out that love was a familiar human experience, even 5,000 years ago. But somehow this photo brings it home with real emotional impact.

Of course, we don’t know the circumstances of the burial. Reuters reports:

Even their gender is an open question until scientists confirm the theory they were a man and a woman.

Archaeologists seem certain the couple died young, since their teeth are intact, and that they died during the Stone Age because of an arrowhead and tools found with the remains.

The indications are the couple did not die in each others’ arms and were buried that way in some sort of prehistoric cemetery.

Which would still make them an iconic couple in the eyes of the community that buried them in this extraordinary pose.

(Hat tip, Doug at United Cats.)


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  1. McSwain
    Feb 17, 2007 @ 14:27:19

    I saw that a few days back, thought it was quite interesting myself. Makes you wonder about the stories behind it. The imagination could go on forever…


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