Google has outdone itself with a series of new sites released virtually simultaneously early this morning. They almost instantly invaded every possible area of the computer industry aside from releasing a Google Operating System, which will surely be the next step.

What exactly did they release? I could find a whole list of them… any more that you come across, let me know. Here’s the whopper package!!

Google Romance
Google Gulp
Google Jobs
Google Technology (the secret behind Google Search!!!)
Google Mentalplex (the next level of Google Search — unquestionably why they now feel secure releasing the secret to their now-obsolete search engine!)
Gmail Paper (good only for Gmail users, although you can still check out the new feature!

and last (and certainly the best!)

Google TiSP (an internet service provider)

Look through carefully! There are some real gems in there!

And finally, thank you Google for making my day so much brighter! Happy Poisson D’Avril!


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  1. noactive
    Jan 11, 2010 @ 01:31:54

    Google! .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.


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