Heavy traffic, attracted for all the wrong reasons

I’m developing a bad reputation in the blogosphere. In terms of traffic, my stat tracker shows a steady increase. But lately one post is drawing between a third and a half of all my traffic:

1. March 10
    83 of 278 hits (29.9%);

2. March 23
    74 of 209 hits (35.4%);

3. March 31
    156 of 389 hits (40.1%).
Which post is responsible for
all the heavy breathing?
Tarted-up teens, natch!
Wouldn’t it be nice if people were coming to read about photography, US politics, the historical Jesus, or philosophy?

I know, sex sells. But teen sex? What kind of disreputable blog am I keeping here?

In fact, the post is part movie review and part social critique:

Western society rushes children headlong toward sexual maturity. Animé is normative; every schoolgirl aspires to look like her name is written on a bathroom wall somewhere. Harmful consequences will surely follow, for some of them.

But readers wouldn’t know that until after they get here, would they?

search terms



8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JewishAtheist
    Apr 02, 2007 @ 09:49:21



  2. addofio
    Apr 02, 2007 @ 10:11:44

    Hey, think of it as a service. You snare them with the (to them) deceptive title, then expose them to serious content.


  3. Bill
    Apr 02, 2007 @ 10:20:21

    See my input related to this at The Art of the Rant.


  4. juggling mother
    Apr 02, 2007 @ 13:50:37

    I still get more search hits on “fuck me shoes” than anything else:-( At least I did write a post with that title tho. I’m pretty certain I never wrote anything about my second biggst search engine hit – Naked mother-in-law


    What is the web coming to?


  5. MaryP
    Apr 02, 2007 @ 19:59:27

    So, is it better or worse that the item that most consistently brings people to my blog is queries on the use, dosage, and efficacy of prune juice? Constipated nation…


  6. Anonymous
    Apr 02, 2007 @ 22:20:43



  7. Hooked on Britney (a.k.a. Snaars)
    Apr 02, 2007 @ 22:26:07

    I was dimbly aware that you had that stuff about Jesus, politics, and … what was it called … philography?

    But I read for the pictures, not the articles.



  8. Knotwurth Mentioning
    Apr 03, 2007 @ 08:34:44

    Hey, just wait! I can tell all of my male friends to search “Britney Spears Nude” and to go to my dad’s blog! Woohoo! Way to score points big-time with the typical university male crowd! Too bad you’re not really producing the material they’re after! 😦 Although, then again, I guess I am severely lacking in the area of friends who fall under the category of “typical university males”, so it’s no biggie, I guess!


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