The Joy of a Tune

Another bunch of very fun films for you all to enjoy! This set is put up by yours truly, and taped by yours truly!

This footage, although not great (it’s done with a digital camera, of course) was shot of the Easter Conference put on by the Trent University Choir, which my girlfriend is a part of. I had a fun time learning how to post videos on Google Video — YouTube didn’t seem to want to let me post them, which would have been my first location to upload. I confirmed my e-mail account, but it just kept on asking me to reconfirm. After confirming roughly 10000000 times, I finally went: “Oh well. To Google Video I go!” Of course, now I see I can do it… I guess it takes time to process it or something. They should kind of announce that instead of just having “confirm your e-mail” on the page you go to…..

Oh wait. I also now see that YouTube limits to 100MB, so good thing I went to Google Video. They have no limits to overall storage or to individual movie size! Yay! Less people will search it, but that’s okay!

Anyways, here’s the whole lot of them, with a small blurb after each!

The concert began with the choir, which made it nice and easy to figure out just how I was going to take the videos. This was my first idea… I put it on a book pile on the pews and just let it sit there. Nice and stable, but I decided the angle wasn’t to my liking.

The song is pretty standard choir material.

Listen close to the words of this one (that might require some cranking up… the sound volume was unfortunately quite poor, although the quality wasn’t so bad!) and you will catch that it’s about a man drinking! For all that this one was not an incredible melodic song, the tune is kinda catchy. Listening to it at the concert, I found myself tapping the feet a bit (and shaking the camera! 😛 ) I notice it has a little glitch in it, which is too bad. Don’t know how that happened, exactly, but not too much was missed. See if you can figure out the whole line!

This one was by far the most moving of the pieces the choir performed. There is a Latin portion, an African portion, and a portion where the choir is silent and the piano rules the show in a truly stirring series.

Now the main group of singers moved offstage in order to allow a group of 9 or so singers to do a beautiful rendition of “We Rise Again.”

After a brief intermission, the Jazz Band took over in order to give some instrumental music. This was the best song they performed. While they are not the exceptional musicians I grew accustomed to during my time at Merivale High School, it’s neat to watch them have fun with the music not to compete, but because they love it! That’s something that our band sometimes lacked, and part of the reason I feel we didn’t perform as well as we should have in my final year — we were too caught up with the level 5 pieces and the gold medals, and so we didn’t have a blast like they do!

The next and final group was one that is delightfully unique. I don’t know how many other universities have a choir that does medieval hymns, but Trent does, despite not having any official music program! The group has a beautiful harmonic resonance and the conductor is clearly passionate about his music. The group simply rocks! Admittedly, this song is not a perfect example of the hymns they do best, but you get a sense of their unity and complexity.

This final movie, this one in Latin, is a better demonstration of their hymn-like music. I ran out of memory card space, so it cut short a bit, but not by much, and you get a real feel for the type of work they are doing in this choir. Not your typical choir stuff, that’s for sure — and it makes you get chills all up your spine when they hit the notes dead on!

And that’s the final one! Hope you enjoyed some… if you watched all of them you are very dedicated and the music program surely appreciates the compliment. Otherwise, hopefully you trickle back to check the rest out in due time. There really was an impressive array of talent at something that is run by an “unmusical” school!


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