I’m a thinking blogger

I’m a thinking blogger. Jewish Atheist says so.

On February 11, the thinking blog started a new meme: the thinking blogger awards. Jewish Atheist has just chosen me for the award, and now I get to recognize five more thinking bloggers.

The award button comes in two colours, silver and gold.

thinking blogger silverthinking blogger gold
Here are the participation rules, adapted from the original thinking blogger post:

  1. The goal is to recognize thought-provoking blogs.
  2. If you get tagged, choose five more blogs that merit the award.
  3. Link to the original post at the thinking blogger so people know where the meme originated.
  4. Optional: proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post where you nominate five others. (Note that I’ve added the button to my sidebar; that’s what recipients are expected to do.)

Here are the bloggers I nominate for the honour, in alphabetical order:

  • Addofio:
    Addofio’s blog alternates between philosophical reflections and lighter posts, usually centered on photographs. I’m not obliged to pick a specific post, but I would encourage everyone to read Addofio’s Sharer’s Creed.

  • Chrisendom:
    Chris offers the only biblioblog that I continue to read consistently. Chris is a recovering Pentecostal who retains his evangelical convictions; yet he studies at the ultra-liberal Tubingen university in Germany and he is not above poking fun at the worst fundamentalist nonsense. Indeed, his irreverent sense of humour keeps the blog lively, mixed as it is with substantive theological posts.

  • Doug’s Darkworld:
    I regret that Doug doesn’t join the dialogue here more often. But I enjoy his acerbic sense of humour, usually applied to American politics. I think it’s accurate to say that Doug approaches political issues from a left-wing perspective, but he is very much his own dog. (Or is that, cat?)

  • import Mind.Reason:
    I disagree with Simen’s conclusions more often than not, but I appreciate his methodical style. Also, he defends his convictions steadfastly without gratuitously insulting those who disagree. Thus he sets an example that all bloggers everywhere should emulate.

  • On Journeying with those in Exile:
    Another biblioblog; another evangelical who does not hesitate to embrace liberals as fellow Christians. Dan’s theological posts are erudite (he is a graduate student at Regent College in Vancouver, B.C.). His primary passion is to provide succour to Vancouver’s homeless people. The title of his blog alludes both to his work with the homeless and to the evangelical scholar, N.T. Wright.

The blogs that make me think tend to be blogs that I disagree with. It stands to reason; I have less to learn from those who merely confirm my opinions.

With that in mind, I invite right-leaning commenters to suggest a good blog for me to read. Andrew Sullivan is a conservative in the reduced taxes / reduced spending / smaller government sense. But Sullivan has actively campaigned against the Bush administration since the Abu Ghraib scandal broke. If you can suggest a pro-Bush blog that is intelligent and not blindly partisan, I will check it out.

Congratulations to the five bloggers I’ve chosen! Happy reading to the rest of you!

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  1. unitedcats
    Apr 09, 2007 @ 11:13:46

    Wow, I’m honoured. Thank you for this, I will give much thought and attention to selecting my five recipients. BB —Doug


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