Blogging Rush

Ironically, as the school year is winding down, the opportunities for me to do blogging have been increasing exponentially. On my hockey blog I posted over and over again today, in the midst of studying for a history exam tomorrow. Why is it ironic? Well, this blog has of course been built on the back of university experiences, and now as the experiences draw to a close, I am able to post more often!

Oh well! While I’m not promising to update this as often as my hockey blog (which is based around snippets of news I find around the web), there’s sure to be more of them coming up! Sorry that this has been one of those hit-and-miss blogs in regards to posting… it’s just very inconvenient for me to sit and do a large intellectual blog post in between an already busy schedule. “Snippets” work much better for Ode to Low-Life Drunks!


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