Vista Actually Worth its Salt?

Windows Vista has officially managed to survive the first wave of attacks, apparently. According to this article, the malicious programs have begun to arrive on the scene. But the Vista security did was it was supposed to — it crashed.

Seems kind of silly, I suppose, but when you consider the alternative, it also seems pretty good. Windows 2000 was also supposed to be a big security boost in Windows, but back then it came under a huge amount of fire for many huge lapses in security that in fact made it the least secure Windows OS ever. As Vista came out, there was surely speculation as to whether this time, Microsoft would actually make a secure system, or if XP would stay as the preferable alternative because of its years of being improved via patches.

Well, thus far it seems to have held. I am still skeptical, because, as the article points out, more attempts will be made as the new OS becomes more mainstream. But nonetheless, optimism is abound for those who like the looks of Vista’s new features. Extra security, if it really comes included in the package, would grant a lot of people peace of mind…

Still, for now, I’ll stick to XP! 😉


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bill
    Apr 24, 2007 @ 18:58:00

    I had an opportunity to try Vista a month ago. It was snazzy but SLOW even on a fast computer.


  2. The mysterious wonder
    May 01, 2007 @ 03:53:00

    Yep, I have tried Vista, and you need a good core duo 2 processor and a descent VC, and probably 2 gigs of Ram to make it run smooth, because it is a heavy OS, that seems to require a lot of specs. Like they list minimum needed, and well all know even for game, the minimum is not amazing, we want full detailed, and for that your computer needs to be a monster.

    The one neat thing about Vista, is that you can use USB drives as memory to play games, so lets say you needed 2 gigs for a game and only have 1 gig, but also have a 1 gig USB, Vista can use the 1 gig USB as a memory source for the game.


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