It’s good to be a Canadian

This is a quick follow-up to yesterday’s post.

Liberals are sometimes overly critical of the society we live in. I’m a liberal, but let me just say this —

I am grateful to live in a country:

  • …with a free press.
  • …with a political opposition, where the government is compelled to answer to public criticism.
  • …where the government is subject to the rule of law. For example, the Government of Canada must turn over documents under the Access To Information Act, and must withstand the scrutiny of an Information Commissioner.
  • …where the government cannot hold onto office indefinitely, but must inevitably answer to the electorate for its actions.
  • …where torture is still deemed unacceptable, even in the shadow of an event like 9/11; where fundamental human rights are extended even to suspected terrorists.

(For a similar example, but one with a sting in its tail, see this post on Andrew Sullivan’s blog yesterday.


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