That about says it

  1. I started out with nothing and still have most of it left.
  2. Nice perfume:  must you marinate in it? (This one’s for Bill.)
  3. The meek shall inherit the earth, but not til we’re through with it. (I fear this one is true.)
  4. Failure is not an option:  it comes bundled with the software. (I know this one is true.)
  5. If I want to hear the pitter-patter of little feet, I’ll put shoes on my cat. (This one’s for MaryP.)
  6. Meandering to a different drummer.
  7. Don’t bother us — we’re living happily ever after. (This one’s for MaryP and me, effective Monday.)

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. addofio
    May 18, 2007 @ 21:46:34

    And #6 is a bumber sticker for my car when I retire.

    All good wishes to you and MaryP


  2. Knotwurth Mentioning
    May 21, 2007 @ 21:18:41

    I agree with Addofio! That’s definitely bumper sticker material! Where did you hear the saying? Whoever came up with it could be rich… or at least as rich as you get from producing bumper stickers, which I suspect isn’t very…


  3. Stephen
    May 22, 2007 @ 06:18:02

    Addofio nailed it: it’s a list of bumper stickers. I don’t know whether these are bumper stickers people have actually seen, or somebody’s wish list.

    I forget what I was googling, but I came across a chat board that listed about 30 of them. Usually I link to my sources, but I decided this material was in the common domain (e.g. #6).


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