Bloggers Accepted.. partly

One of my favorite sports bloggers, James Mirtle, posted on the fact that the New York Islanders have now announced they are going to sport a Bloggers’ Press Box next year in their arena.

As Mirtle points out, it’s kind of a small bone compared to what Bloggers would hopefully achieve later. However, the truth is that this is a great accomplishment for Blogging — to have been accepted as at least half the medium that newspaper and television journalism is. I suppose you could say “One Small Step for a Blogger… one giant leap for Blogging!”

It’s not been an easy feat to accomplish from what I understand. Bloggers have made a habit of sneaking into the regular press box, but the media is fairly unwilling to cooperate with them. The sense is that they are not serious about their work covering the sports and new events, and that blogging is more or less a mediocre medium for these things.

Well, though it would seem that the Islanders are still suggesting that bloggers are less important than other pricey media, the fact remains that they are being acknowledged as something worth considering, which is a start. Of course, I think kudos have to go out to the NHL for their work online. Despite failing TV ratings and an ongoing struggle to stay afloat on the general American media, is one of the most popular sites online, and they continue to look towards different websites for spreading footage and appealing to the online crowd. The blogging business sets them apart from any other major sport, as far as I know… so congratulations, NHL, for being willing to work with people who aren’t necessarily in it for the money, but because they love the sport!


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  1. blackberry guy
    Jun 13, 2007 @ 20:33:00

    Presumably NHL teams should be eager for publicity, from whatever source. Of course, most blogs have only a small readership — not necessarily a reflection on the quality of the writing.


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