Best Video Game Ads Ever?

I don’t know about all of them — the PS3 “this is living” ads in particular were confusing and disappointing — but it would indeed seem that this blogger has managed to compile a number of incredibly funny ads for video games, ranging from the ancient Atari all the way to the Next Gen consoles.

Whether you are an avid gamer and can remember the launch of all of these titles (which I myself cannot boast — many of these are before my day!) or you simply appreciate a good chuckle, then these ads should be worth a gander. If you want my opinion, the cream of the crop are the “Mad World” Gears of War ad, the “Dude Get Your Own” ads, and the classic ads nearer the bottom. It’s hilarious to see how far the gaming world has come, in that it’s now better to put in-game footage in order to appeal, rather than playing on “family values” or similar notions. Gaming is now much more mainstream, and even accepting the fact that in-game footage of the Atari is pretty dull, I think that’s one of the main reasons that other notions are called up instead of a pure video gaming experience.

Have Fun!!!


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