Holiness, justice, and same sex marriage

Some of you already know that I have started a new blog. It is called Emerging From Babel and it is my latest foray into the somewhat inhospitable world of biblioblogging.

I hasten to add that I am not abandoning Outside the Box. The two blogs will serve two different purposes, and I hope to update both of them regularly.

Those of you who are interested in the topic of same sex marriage may be interested in today’s post:  particularly if you wonder how liberal Christians rationalize their support for homosexual rights.

The purpose of the blog is to give me a place to work out a new approach to scripture. I have just discovered Walter Brueggemann’s perspective on Old Testament interpretation, and I see that his conclusions jibe with mine to a startling extent. (Just when I thought I was the only one in the world to adopt such a perverse perspective!) Therefore I want to work through some Old Testament texts using Brueggemann’s narrative and rhetorical method, and see where the process leads.

That’s what motivates me to return to biblioblogging, though I’m not anticipating a large readership! As with most blogging, one must write first and foremost to satisfy oneself.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jack
    Jul 18, 2007 @ 03:49:36

    Oy, another blog. Who can keep up. 😉


  2. Stephen
    Jul 18, 2007 @ 07:28:16

    Not like you, Jack. How many blogs are you currently administering?


  3. Jack
    Jul 18, 2007 @ 12:17:15

    Barely two. I guest blog on another. I have a couple of others that are in a transitional phase. There is not enough time in the day.


  4. MaryP
    Jul 18, 2007 @ 13:28:47

    Says the man who posts 15 times a day…


  5. 49erDweet
    Jul 18, 2007 @ 15:26:09

    You’se guys make an amateur like me feel weally, weally insecure.


  6. Jack
    Jul 19, 2007 @ 02:26:18

    Says the man who posts 15 times a day…

    It feels like that sometimes. The real question is the quality of the posts. Sometimes I fall short of the mark. I think that this is part of why I have slowed down.


  7. Bill
    Jul 19, 2007 @ 09:57:20

    Jack I would love to be able to find the time to be as slow as you, and maintain the quality of your posts. (-:


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