"Subliminal" Messaging

Well, the author of this post uses the term incorrectly (since subliminal messaging has to register subliminally, while this invisible ink won’t at all, I presume), but that’s okay, because it’s still a really funky concept that he introduces!

The graphic contained in the post is a little beyond me (anyone explain it?), but the commentary underneath it where the author suggests this as a preventative measure against piracy is intriguing. The battle between pirates and producers (the new cowboys and Indians?) has raged furiously for more than a decade, during which pirates have generally speaking won. While that doesn’t mean that this invisible coloring will single-handedly wipe out piracy, it could be a step towards it.

One of the loopholes in such a prevention is mentioned below, by one of the commenters who remarked that the picture is taken by a camera — so why is it that it only shows up on the iPhone, not the whole photograph. Another person later responds:

digital SLRs have pretty efficient hotmirrors in front of them, but the cheaper P/S cameras dont*. so the larger picture would have been taken by your garden variety dSLR while the iphone was taking the picture of the babe.

*this is easily tested: take any remote control you have and point it into your digicam lens while pressing buttons. usually you can see the IR LED light up on the live preview itself.

for this reason, almost any cheap P/S can be used for digital IR photography, provided you can access aperture and shutter manually. just stick a big piece of unexposed, but developed slide film and bam! an IR taking machine

With this in mind, it’s pretty easy to see that this would not serve as the sole piracy prevention required. Nonetheless, to sneak a hefty digital SLR into the theater is a lot tougher than carrying in your phone, so combined with regular security measures, this “Kameraflage” could contribute a lot to the cause of the producer!


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  1. Bill
    Aug 10, 2007 @ 18:38:00

    Away from the idea of pirating movies knotwurth, you have got to know, that you just made dozens of you readers pull out their cameras and TV remotes. 🙂


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