Ubuntu Installer!!!

One of the main struggles I have had with getting set up with any version of Linux has been the installation process. I know it reveals my true computer knowledge, but figuring out how to work around the partitioning is a pain in the you-know-what, especially from within Linux. And, inevitably, every time I am getting ready to install it, it’s from within Linux using the CD-boot option that’s included with the downloader. The eternal result is that I end up being stuck wanting to install it, but not badly enough to wipe one of my already-existing partitions.

Well, the whole process just got a whole lot easier for yours truly! Thanks again to Digg, I came across a brief article laying out how to go about installing Ubuntu (or any offshoot) the incredibly easy way. The key? An auto-installer!

The program is working great so far, with the obligatory overnight download involved to get the actual Linux package. It’s large, and with my current internet provider that’s a bad-case scenario. It’s also why I’m writing at 1 AM, of course… I’m too stupid to go to bed immediately, instead preferring to sit watching the bar climb towards its final goal. I expect I will retire after this post, however.

The nicest part (which I have already gotten past) is the fact that all you have to do is clear space on one of your partitions, and then tell it which one you want to use and how much space. I cleared about 13 Gb and told it to use 10, giving me a bit of room on the Windows side to keep it working efficiently, and allowing more than enough space for testing out the Linux. Because the partition I’m installing Linux on happens to be my gaming one, I may eventually begin deleting the Windows content and moving over to Linux for some more hefty tasks, but for now that space should be more than sufficient!

And so, after having tried out the CD boot multiple times, I am finally able to try out Ubuntu in all its glory. I was stuck between Ubuntu and its offshoot Kubuntu (both of which I have tried in CD mode), but decided to stick with the easier (but less pretty) interface.

Please note: I am not a Windows hater by any stretch of the imagination. I am not doing this because I want to rant against evil Microsoft or because I am a complete computer nerd. No, rather I approach this from the perspective of a knowledgeable-but-still-pretty-average guy who is simply looking for a bit of entertainment on the side. Learning is one of the gifts of life, and even though it’s learning something tech-oriented (rather than the much-hailed practical skills or wordly knowledge that I could be accumulating), it’s something more productive than playing video games, and has more potential for a big gain. After all, should I veritably learn Linux, it’s far cheaper to build a computer than to buy it from a major supplier! Windows’ price jacks the cost up to even higher, in many cases, but by learning Linux, possibilities open up!

Or, more likely, it simply provides some entertainment. Heh.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. blackberry guy
    Jul 31, 2007 @ 22:35:00

    Well, I’m glad to hear you say that learning is a pleasure in its own right.

    As for Linux, I’ll be interested to see what you accomplish. I know you’re interested in technology, but I was surprised that your interest runs this deep, to consider building your own computer and operating system. It will be very cool if you pull it off.


  2. Knotwurth Mentioning
    Aug 01, 2007 @ 05:09:00

    Well, to be honest, to say I am enough of a fanatic to want to build my own computer is stretching it a bit. I have the knowledge to select the components I would want in my computer, and at stores like Sprint Computers it’s significantly cheaper to go with the parts themselves than to buy the premade stuff. That’s my real motivation. I would never pay more simply to have the chance to choose my own parts, but if I could figure out enough to save the dough and still get comparative functionality, there’s absolutely no reason not to! 🙂


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