Tabloids Defeated — by Reality?

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan, I came across a recent article concerning the soon-to-be defunct World Weekly News. The article’s worth a read, and surely Bibliobloggers like Stephen will enjoy some of the humour — and interesting points. Here are two quotes that I really enjoyed from the post:

“Weekly World News held a kind of funhouse mirror up to much popular American belief. Without meaning to, it offered a far more effective critique of the nation’s religious literalism than anything the so-called New Atheism, burdened by its obvious animosity, has served up.”

I thought this was a brilliant comment in passing by the author of the post! There seems to be little use for tabloid papers, but there’s a measure of truth in the fact that the unbridled exaggeration can serve the purpose of satirical criticism — intended or not!

And secondly:

“In describing the tabloid’s challenges in recent years, Mr. Carlson mentions that real news “frequently rivaled anything that WWN writers could concoct”: Hollywood actors catapulted to high office, a president’s sex life spelled out in a government document, religious fanatics flying hijacked airplanes into buildings.”

One of the things my grandfather most loves to state is that he doesn’t understand fiction. Why? Because nothing in fiction can compare to reality, he states, with a smile on his face. The chaos; The violence; The excitement — even in everyday instances. That’s what this quote cries out to me. Guess what? We’ve got more going in the way of excitement in everyday reality than anyone can cook up by not “fact-checking your way our of a good story.”

Now that’s pretty cool!


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  1. blackberry guy
    Aug 23, 2007 @ 16:35:00

    I saw that Andrew Sullivan link, too. You’re right, the analysis of why WWN went out of business was pretty sharp. Truth is stranger than tabloid fodder ….


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