Movie footage of Noah’s ark?

Here’s the background to the story, as reported eighteen months ago by LiveScience:

High on Mt. Ararat in eastern Turkey, there is a baffling mountainside “anomaly,” a feature that one researcher claims may be something of biblical proportions.

Images taken by aircraft, intelligence-gathering satellites and commercial remote-sensing spacecraft are fueling an intensive study of the intriguing oddity. But whether the anomaly is some geological quirk of nature, playful shadows, a human-made structure of some sort, or simply nothing at all—that remains to be seen.

Whatever it is, the anomaly of interest rests at 15,300 feet (4,663 meters) on the northwest corner of Mt. Ararat, and is nearly submerged in glacial ice. It would be easy to call it merely a strange rock formation.

But at least one man wonders if it could be the remains of Noah’s Ark—a vessel said to have been built to save people and selected animals from the Great Flood, the 40 days and 40 nights of deluge as detailed in the Book of Genesis.

The Genesis blueprint of the Ark detailed the structure as 6:1 length to width ratio (300 cubits by 50 cubits). The anomaly, as viewed by satellite, is close to that 6:1 proportion. …

The anomaly is surrounded below by very rugged-looking strato-volcanic rock; however, the texture of the feature in question is relatively smooth and appears to be made of a different substance.

The new development is this:  Satellite Imaging Corporation of Houston, Texas has just released a “3D Fly Through movie” of the site, using Stereo IKONOS Satellite image data. You can view the movie for yourself here.

Sure looks like a flat-bottomed boat, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t take us very far toward proving the historicity of the biblical account of the Flood. A sceptic might even wonder if this isn’t just a publicity stunt for Satellite Imaging Corporation.

Nonetheless, some folks are taking the story seriously:

They found the completely destroyed ruins of Jericho’s walls a while ago. They found the temple stones shoved off the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. They found the Pontius Pilate Stone in Caesarea. They found that the Dead Sea area used to be a fertile agricultural area.

As I’ve been told, every time they dig crap up in the Middle East, turns out the Bible was right.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. juggling mother
    Sep 05, 2007 @ 13:06:21

    As sceptical as I am, I think it would be just fantastic if it DID turn out to be a boat. We could learn loads from it (if the Turkish Gov’t allows it which I think they are not keen on at the moment?).

    But even if it is a boat, and even if (and i doubt it) it is proven to be ?4,000? years old, that does not prove the bible is an authoritive historical text:-)


  2. mike (a.k.a snaars)
    Sep 05, 2007 @ 22:54:41

    … time they dig crap up in the Middle East, turns out the Bible was right.

    More accurate to say, every time ‘they’ dig up something in the Middle East, people jump to conclusions.

    (Good post!)


  3. Stephen
    Sep 06, 2007 @ 13:17:00

    • Juggling Mother:
    If it turned out to be an ancient, enormous boat, located where it is (on top of a mountain!) — it would be pretty damned impressive. Most people (including many Christians) see the Noah story as mythological. It would be a big coup for the literalists if we found something that fit the parameters for Noah’s boat.

    • Snaars:
    Every time ‘they’ dig up something in the Middle East, people jump to conclusions.

    Coincidentally, I’m reading a book by a highly respected Jewish archaeologist who argues that David and Solomon never ruled a united kingdom comprising both Israel and Judah.

    Finkelstein says that the impressive remains that are usually dated during Solomon’s era actually were not built until 50 years or so after Solomon’s death. David and Solomon really existed (based on other extrabiblical evidence) but they ruled a very small area around Jerusalem. Judah never had a large population until after Israel was destroyed.

    I’m not necessarily persuaded that he’s right — no doubt other scholars will continue to defend the traditional dating. But it certainly demonstrates that sometimes the “crap” they dig up in the Middle East tilts against the Bible.

    Not to completely disregard the guy’s point. There have been some notable occasions when archaeology proved sceptical scholars wrong, much to their embarrassment.


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