Quote of the day 3

Britain contributes a tiny fraction of global pollution. Why should we wear hair shirts when China builds two new coal-fired power stations a week and Russian rivers are so polluted they catch fire?

An editorial in The Sun, pouting because David Cameron, the leader of Britain’s Conservative Party, has declared that climate change is a key policy issue.


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  1. MaryP
    Sep 17, 2007 @ 08:15:27

    This smacks of the ‘logic’ I hear when I try to get kids to clear up a room. “I didn’t make this mess! Why should I have to pick it up?”

    Even if I believed them (and most often, I do not), my response is the same: “We all have to live here, so we’ll all pitch in.”

    Applies to toddlers, teens – and pouting politicians.


  2. Stephen
    Sep 18, 2007 @ 16:37:06

    Nations that industrialized a couple of centuries ago have certainly done their part in messing up the environment, and we have certainly benefited richly from the upside of industrialization. Thus it is indeed our mess; and we should indeed take the lead in cleaning it up.

    Russia and China are late getting on the industrial bandwagon. So now we’re going to waggle a finger at them, and use their misconduct to excuse our inaction?


  3. juggling mother
    Sep 20, 2007 @ 15:32:14

    I do have to point out that the Sun seems to be written by toddlers most of the time – you can tell not only by its content, but by its vocabulary and grammar:-) It really is quite a distressing and depressing read in every way imaginable – sadly it is also (apparently) the UK’s best selling tabloid! I am amazed that our toilets are not permently blocked with all that newsprint being flushed:-)


  4. Stephen
    Sep 20, 2007 @ 16:20:04

    The Sun migrated to Canada, as well, although the Canadian version doesn’t print photos of topless women. (The women wear bikinis instead, and eventually they had to introduce a Sunshine Boy to balance the Sunshine Girl.)

    Otherwise, it’s the same format, same calibre. The news coverage is amazingly thin. The highlights of the day’s events are covered, to be fair. But in the fewest words possible, so readers don’t have to exercise their brains to the overheating point.


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