Quote of the day 3

If Obama gets no further than his current rut (I suspect he’ll surpass it later in the fall), he will nonetheless have achieved something remarkable. Here is a credible, serious African-American candidate for president boring an audience on tax reform.

Andrew Sullivan reflects on the difference between Barak Obama and previous presidential candidates of colour:  Obama isn’t explicitly campaigning as a black activist. To bore your audience is sometimes a good thing!


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  1. 49erDweet
    Sep 25, 2007 @ 19:06:31

    Biggest disappointment for me is that Condi has apparently chosen not to run in ’08. Not disappointed because she’s black. Not disappointed because she’s female. Just disappointed because she could bring moral character and personal integrity into a position – and to a nation – that sorely needs it.

    And boy would it set the liberals/democrats on their (r)ears if the repubs were to run and elect her!!!



  2. Stephen
    Sep 26, 2007 @ 05:42:50

    You make a good point.

    It’s been hard to know what to make of the relatively progressive officials in the Bush Administration. It’s pretty clear that Dick Cheney dominated everybody else until quite recently. I’m thinking of the inside information that’s come out: e.g., that Colin Powell’s memos to the President were diverted to Cheney’s office first, without Powell’s knowledge.

    I see Powell and Rice in approximately the same light. They are both progressive, at least relative to Cheney (though that isn’t saying much); they both failed miserably at bare-knuckle office politics of the sort Cheney practices; and they were both “good soldiers” of the Administration.

    As the saying goes, neither would say sh*t if they had a mouth full of it. Of course, Powell has opened his mouth since leaving office.

    At one time, Powell was a credible candidate for President himself. But that’s over now: he’s been discredited with Democrats and Republicans alike.

    Rice, on the other hand — perhaps she comes out of this looking a little better than Powell: fighting loyally but doggedly for a relatively progressive view within a very hawkish administration.

    But she’s probably wise not to run in ’08, when a majority of Americans appear to be determined to vote for change. Who knows, Rice might emerge as a credible candidate next time around. And you’re right, it would be fascinating to see the Republicans put forward a black woman candidate!

    Would she ever secure the nomination? I doubt it, but if any black woman could, it would be her.


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