This time, I support him!

Colbert strikes a chord in one of his more recent commentaries. Skip the summary on the page, just go to the movie at the bottom. He says it better than any summation can!

It’s pretty incredible seeing that, really. It makes you appreciate just how very different the States and Canada are right now. Our Prime Minister is bashed liberally from all directions, and that’s something that’s just taken for granted. And tasers, as far as I am aware, are not even the slightest issue in Canada. The worst we have had is police planting decoys amongst protesters — which, while horrible in my opinion, is still a far cry from the work being done by the police in many situations in the States right now.

And it makes me wonder what sort of role the media is playing down there right this moment. Here, the news about the fake protesters was out in a day. One would think that if the news about such outrageous abuse of power were to actually reach the people, they would be outraged. After all, it would seem that all of the fighting done by Berkly and their counterparts in the 60s are going to waste! (sorry, just watched a documentary on them in politics class yesterday!) Freedom of speech is being ignored here, even if you assume that advocating illegal actions/products/etc is not included in that right. After all, last I checked criticizing politicians was the status quo, not the unforgivable sin!


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  1. blackberry guy
    Sep 23, 2007 @ 20:39:00

    Student activism, RIP.

    I was struck by that not long ago, when I posted a bit of a John Lennon video, that showed footage of the protests against the Vietnam War. Now we have another Vietnam War, and the students are too busy protesting tuition costs and debt. So I guess the students are just like the rest of capitalist society, thinking only about their own, financial bottom line.

    Colbert had a good idea, focusing on the students in the background. I’d seen the video of the tazering, but I hadn’t picked up on the students’ apathy.


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