What?! Some people make money doing this?!

My wife wants to transition out of the caregiving grind over the next few years to become a professional writer. (Caregiving is a job for the young!)

This week she has landed her first paying gig. She’s getting paid to blog!

AisleDash is a wedding blog. It was officially launched today, but the contributors have been busily working behind the scenes so that they could immediately publish about 200 posts.

Here are some of my wife’s (fifteen!) contributions:

The concept is, lots of short posts, always with a photo and a link. The hardest part looks like coming up with a dozen ideas per week within the wedding theme. If you have any ideas to suggest, please feel free to submit them!

This professional writing business looks like it might actually involve work.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michael (a.k.a. snaars)
    Sep 24, 2007 @ 20:42:40

    If anyone can do it, she can!


  2. Michael (a.k.a. snaars)
    Sep 24, 2007 @ 21:30:50

    What I meant by my last comment was, I know she can be successful as a professional writer. I realized after the fact that my comment could be taken to mean something else. 😳

    I remember when Michelle and I were engaged, it seemed that everyone wanted to tell us about unimaginable horrors that had befallen some other affianced couple. Every story was something about infidelity, or a wedding going horribly wrong – brides being embarrassed or injured by their closest friends and relatives, or the couple breaking up at the altar.

    Very rarely did we get ONLY well-wishing – we usually had to suffer through some story of doom. The stories always ended the same way: “Oh, not that anything like that would ever happen to YOU.”

    It was even worse after Michelle got pregnant, but I won’t go into that.


  3. Mrs. Peltz (heeheehee)
    Sep 24, 2007 @ 21:42:27

    Gee, Michael. Normally I’m superbe at seeing innuendo, (sometimes where these is none!) but I just don’t see what could be wrong with your first comment. Not to worry. Either way, inadvertant innuendo on your part or mine, I am virtually un-offendable. I generally only snicker.

    Thank you for your good wishes.

    As I read your second comment, I thought – “HA! That has NOTHING on what people do when you’re pregnant.” – and then you got there. Yes, indeed. Just a bunch of lifters-of-spirits and encouragers, our societies. No doubt about it…


  4. 49erDweet
    Sep 25, 2007 @ 18:50:01

    You go, heeheehee! Best wishes and many happy returns – for the tax folks, too, I suppose.



  5. Michael (a.k.a. snaars)
    Sep 26, 2007 @ 21:01:27

    Well, *Mrs. Peltz* :-D,

    Yes, isn’t it interesting how the human mind works?

    My first comment contains a colloquialism and I wasn’t sure that every reader was familiar with it. It could be read in a way diametrically opposed to the meaning I intended, as in: “Any adult with half a brain cell can butter toast, so snaars can probably do it, too!”

    I know we all speak English, and in hindsight I realize there was no need to second-guess myself, but I think I was a bit tired at the time. I know that not all English speakers use the same expressions, idioms, or whatever.

    For instance, I can tell you that in Louisiana, when one “gets down,” she is not dancing with enthusiasm, she is simply getting out of her car. In Pennsylvania Dutch country, they “outen” the lights rather than turn them off. My awareness of our use of language has been heightened by my studies of French and from my travels – but it sometimes it’s a nuisance, like now, when I could have just kept my mouth shut and everything would have been fine.

    (Sorry for the digression, Stephen. 🙂 )


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