Cate Blanchett drinks her own waste water?

In order to give her new mansion as small an environmental footprint as possible, Cate Blanchett requested that the plumbing be constructed to “allow them to drink their own waste water.” …

Miss Blanchett and her husband have paid their architect thousands of dollars to design a system whereby the bodily waste goes down the toilet, gets whisked by pipeline through the walk-in closet, over the balcony, down the wall, back in through the rec room, and up into the wet bar directly into the soda siphon.

Macleans columnist Mark Steyn apparently believes that Cate Blanchett, like your dog, drinks directly from the toilet.

She doesn’t, of course. Tim Lambert thinks Steyn is guilty of gross journalistic negligence (failing to check his facts). My suspicion is this:  Steyn has no idea what greywater is; he hasn’t got the slightest interest in finding out what it is; and, in the second paragraph of the quote, he’s doing the Monty Python thing (i.e., he’s carrying an absurd premise through to its “logical” conclusion).

I followed Steyn’s coverage of the Conrad Black trial. Steyn has a well-exercised, highly sarcastic sense of humour. But evidently the satire is too subtle for Lambert — and Andrew Sullivan, too.


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  1. Knotwurth Mentioning
    Oct 03, 2007 @ 23:31:46

    Interesting idea, the greywater. Although I almost wish I didn’t know, so I could assume that Steyn’s conclusion is both logical and ridiculous! 😛


  2. MaryP
    Oct 04, 2007 @ 07:37:36

    Ha! It just so happens I DID know what greywater is. Yay, me.

    “Straight into her soda spigot”. It made me grin. Who couldn’t see that as exaggeration and satire? (Someone who dislikes Steyn, methinks, and thinks he’s really, really stupid — and proud of his stupidity. Which may, so it seems, have some basis in fact.)

    Though it seems that there are some of you who would rather believe poor maligned Cate drinks water from her toilet like a dog??


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