Too d*mned many holidays!

Mr. Vorstenbosch saved his biggest gripe for [Ontario Premier] McGuinty’s proposed new holiday in February. “We run into a holiday every 100 days,” he said explaining that hog farming follows a strict schedule and every holiday delays the process and costs farmers money. “It’s a bad idea,” he said.

Today is a provincial election day, here in Ontario. It looks like Premier McGuinty will be re-elected — despite his despicable promise to create another holiday. Like we don’t have too many of those already!

(Just ask any farmer.)


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  1. juggling mother
    Oct 10, 2007 @ 16:15:07

    every 100 days, why that’s three times a year! you lazy goodfornothings you:-0

    Um, I take it that it is not illegal to work on national/state holidays? if he really wants to?

    We have 9 National holidays a year in England – 10 for all the other home countries (who get a national day of their own). We’re almost sure to get another one to btring us in line with the miserly Scots fairly soon – the disagreement is about when it will be and whta it will be called rather than whether we should have it. And that still makes us the hardest workers in (western) Europe:-) (our hours are longer too!)

    But LOADS of vocations work them. As of April 2009 they will all have to be offered alternative days of in leiu – but in all the years I worked them that didn’t happen:-) I used to offer to work Xmas day, good money for little effort on a day that was meaningless to me in many ways. I finished in time tio see my family and eat loads:-) The kids stopped that idea though.


  2. Stephen
    Oct 10, 2007 @ 16:19:37

    I’m not sure where his “every 100 days” comes from. We have eight or nine annual holidays in Canada. I guess Mr. Vorstenbosch doesn’t know that … and maybe we’d best not tell him!


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  4. Bill
    Oct 11, 2007 @ 09:10:24

    “if everyone cooperates”

    B – I suspect this isn’t going to happen federally on the 16th of October


  5. MaryP
    Oct 12, 2007 @ 22:12:38

    I had exactly the same response as Juggling Mother. “Every hundred days? That’s only three a year!!” Except I live here, and I know it just ain’t so. But I think Stephen’s right: it would be better not to tell Mr. V. that…

    In response to the rest of JM’s comment: Yes, he can certainly work that day, but if he wants/needs his hired help to work as well, he’ll have to pay them premium – time and a half, at least. I can see where that would get expensive.

    As for me? I DELIGHTED to get that day off. It’s always seemed a verrry long, dreary stretch from New Year’s to Easter without a break!


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