At least one band is still making actual music

In an era of “singers” who merely talk rhythmically, artists who “create” by “sampling” tunes written by other artists, and — perhaps worst of all — awful remakes of disco songs I loathed the first time around …

Thank goodness that MuteMath has taken up the torch! In the words of The immortal Who,

              Rock is dead / Long live rock!

I saw MuteMath in Ottawa a few weeks ago, and I’ve been meaning to post on them ever since. Their eponymous disc is good, but this is a band you don’t fully appreciate them until you’ve seen them live. Frontman Paul Meany is a true showman. He needs to be or the audience would never take its eyes off Darren King, who is simply relentless on the drums.

This video captures the band descending into near-anarchy, at about the two-thirds mark. (Unfortunately, Paul isn’t in particularly good voice. Months of non-stop touring presumably accounts for it.)

Shades of The Who’s auto-destruct pop art!

But most of the attention MuteMath has generated has come via the Youtube release of the video for their single, Typical. Plus, the video demonstrates that Paul Meanie really can sing:

Some listeners hear a typical (the pun is accidental) alt-rock band. They’re missing the electronica element which keeps things fresh. This reviewer describes the band’s indebtedness pretty well:

An aggressive amalgamation split equally between the influence pool of Radiohead’s electro-centered material, early U2 and The Police’s punk-tinged tones, packed alongside members’ own ambitious merger of spastic percussion, pounding pianos and intriguing programming.

That same site has some good photos of the band members, although they didn’t get the bass player for some reason.

Yes, the drummer’s headphones are duct-taped onto his head. When’s the last time you saw a hip-hop act that had to do that?


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  1. nebcanuck
    Oct 26, 2007 @ 18:45:16

    Good song. Good video — the idea of having the singers singing normally while most of the action seems to be going in rewind is neat.

    And a flair for the violently destructive? Rounds it all out perfectly! 😉


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