Outside the Box is no more. It was time to shake things up around here. Nebcanuck and I have collaborated to design a new theme.
When I chose the url, “itsmypulp”, I anticipated that one day I would change the name of the blog. But I’m still “outside the box,” of course. Always have been; always will be.

There’s nothing new about fact, opinion, or B.S., either. You’ve called me on it lots of times. The only difference, now that nebcanuck has joined the stable of bloggers, is that you’re getting two opinionaters for the price of one.

From us to you:  there’s plenty of [a]mazement and [be]musement to go around!

(Re the image above:  Hobbes would not approve.)


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  1. aaron
    Nov 19, 2007 @ 10:57:08

    That particular strip has always been one of my favorites. I would consider using it on Emelia when she’s old enough, but I can imagine a baffled response of, “What’s film?”


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