100 Suns

atom bomb explosion.jpgFrom Artdaily.org:

KNOXVILLE, TN.– The Knoxville Museum of Art presents Michael Light: 100 SUNS, January 18 through June 1, 2008, which documents the destructive force unleashed during nuclear tests conducted by the United States following World War II. …

For 100 SUNS, Light used digital software to scan or re-photograph rare images he hand-picked from the archives of the U. S. National Archives and Los Alamos National Laboratory. …

In one image, troops huddle in trenches as they are showered by sparks from the detonation of a 1953 Nevada blast referred to as “Simon.” Light’s commentary adds a chilling note describing the next few moments when the “ground and air shockwaves will toss them like dolls, then fill their mouths with radioactive dust.”


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