Bean Inspiration

I haven’t been thinking about much beyond each day of late, since ’tis the season to be busy!!! But Christmas is fast approaching, and I note that my father has been reeling out the posts about all things Christmas.

And I just can’t compare. Or at least, I couldn’t. Until I had a stroke of genius.

It’s simple, and short.

Enjoy the best Christmas ever, courtesy Rowan Atkinson.

Actually, as a brief aside, I always found it interesting how the episode’s ending (not in this clip) is so depressing, with him having disappointed his girlfriend by not realizing she wanted a ring for Christmas. One of the best parts of Bean is the fact that it combines physical comedy with darker humour, which tends to smart a little. And I don’t think you get much better an example than this episode, with his forlorn “Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean” accompanied by the exploding Christmas cracker. You can’t help but feel sorry for him, though you want to laugh your head off, as well.

And that’s kind of how the season is, in many respects. “Spread the joy”, we’re told — and then unprecendented pressure is put upon our shoulders to meet the world’s material desires. I wish I could say I was above it, but I’m not; and to an extent, I really do love giving gifts. Still, the fact that you have to re-mortgage your house to do  so is not a positive, and the fact that it so easily becomes about the things is a pity.

Mr. Bean may have a situation unlike any you or I will encounter; Still, the black humour of Christmas is present. I hope to beat it  at least in part by keeping things in perspective… although, I’m sure for some there is a far more practical and direct way of dealing with holiday angst!


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  1. Stephen
    Dec 19, 2007 @ 17:58:17

    Very nice. Not only an amusing video clip, but some thoughtful remarks as well.

    I agree that there’s nothing necessarily wrong with exchanging gifts to celebrate your love for one another. But it’s pretty clear that many people have lost perspective.

    The folks who are refusing to buy gifts, but are doing something charitable instead — they’re making a meaningful counter-cultural statement.


  2. MaryP
    Dec 21, 2007 @ 13:07:55

    This year my children and I got a notice from a family member that our gifts from him would be in the form of goats, chicken and rabbits for third-world families. While on one level I found thought it odd that we be ‘volunteered’ into charitable giving, I nonetheless thoroughly approve of the decision. It’s a better use of the money than giving people who really don’t need anything a new pile of stuff they will have to struggle to store.


  3. snaars
    Dec 23, 2007 @ 13:05:36

    We celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah in my household (with a wink and nod to Festivus as well.) But, we’re totally over the gift-giving thing. We give one or two gifts to our kids and to their cousins, and we try to make them thoughtful gifts, not expensive ones.

    I’ve always enjoyed Mr. Bean, and I enjoyed reading your thoughts about the season, nebcanuck.

    Joy and tragedy both find their ways into our lives. It’s the nature of the season to remember and appreciate both. I deal with it by taking the gifts with a light heart, and giving something to someone in need.

    It’s trite but true: the best gift is being with the ones you love. Don’t let bitterness interfere with this precious time.


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