A trifle for your amusement. From a Charlie Chaplin movie, The Circus, 1928.

It begins with the Tramp attending a small circus that comes to town, and haphazardly bumping into a pickpocket, who hides his ill-gotten goods in the Tramp’s pocket. This soon leads to a marvelous chase, with the police chasing both the pickpocket and the Tramp.


After a chase through the hall of mirrors, the Tramp accidentally runs into the circus’ center ring, where he is unintentionally hilarious. The circus owner/ringmaster auditions the Tramp as a new clown, only to find out that he can’t be funny on purpose — only unintentionally.


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  1. Sadie Hartmann
    Dec 26, 2007 @ 10:03:39

    Oh my goodness. The blog looks great! When I visit blogs, it’s like coming to someone’s house, ya know? And this is like you did some major remodeling.
    Very nice. Calvin & Hobbes are just the best!
    Thanks for coming by the blog to wish me a Merry Christmas. I really, really wish I had more time to visit everyone’s blogs. Maybe this year, I will set aside Fridays to read? That sounds like a good idea.
    The Etsy site has been very profitable for me. I did over 100 sales since I opened in May.
    I project that this year will be ever better as I am learning to market myself more effectively.
    Try to stop in once in awhile, especially if you have a good post you’d like me to read–
    Happy New Year!!


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