Pessimistic about the future of the United States of America? Think democracy is sometimes overrated? Well apparently the majority of South Carolina made it their goal to prove those naysayers wrong!

Despite the Clintons’ best efforts to play down a loss they knew was coming, analysts continent-wide are blazing out shocked reports. Why? The sheer scale of Barrack Obama’s victory in South Carolina was as optimistic a statement about this race as you can get! Take Andrew Sullivan’s comment, for example:

Sorry, but the Clintons were just destroyed in South Carolina in an unprecedented turnout. This was a butt-kicking of massive proportions. How else do you interpret a 28 point margin? It’s staggering.

Perhaps it’s a revealing sign that America has reached a new age of politicking. I believe it has more than a little to do with the onset of blogging as a mainstream Media form, since it really permits the spread of emotions over issues such as the Clinton-Obama war. For example, polls were reporting that “Fifty-six percent of those voting so far think Obama attacked Clinton unfairly, and while that is a high number, more people thought Clinton unfairly attacked Obama — 70%.” This type of emotion would likely have been downplayed, if not nonexistent, were it not for the rise of blogging. Major media buffs like Sullivan have been able to insert more personal opinion into the reports about these events, and more reader debates have allowed casual followers to follow logic outside of the showy electoral debates.

Regardless, there’s no question that democracy is working this time around, despite some early fears that it would not. And that has to count as an optimistic note for our countries, our voters, and our age. In the States, at least, we are now beyond the stage when 50% of voters didn’t bother turning out. Individuals are pouring forth to meet the challenge of improving politics in their nation, particularly in light of the Clintons’ oldschool tactics. Americans, fueled by new information and new options — where was Obama back in 2004? — are standing up to the image they have been cast as violent and ignorant.

Now that’s a major blow in favour of democracy!

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  1. Stephen
    Jan 28, 2008 @ 18:45:17

    Actually, I stopped just short of nay-saying! The emphasis should fall on the last paragraph of my post:

    “Democracy cannot prosper unless voters are clever enough to see what’s happening — and reject the politicians who play these corrosive games.”

    Which is precisely what happened in South Carolina. And Ted Kennedy endorsed Obama, while clearly alluding to the Clintons’ unethical conduct.

    Let’s hope that sort of rebuke of the Clintons spreads to other Democrats, in other parts of the USA.


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