Obama rising

“Super Tuesday” thoughts and images:

1. Pollster.com shows Obama’s astonishing rise (the orange line) over the past several weeks:
Pollster.com graph
2. Obama is now approximately even with Clinton in California, which is one of the states to watch because it has so many delegates. But note:  a large percentage of the votes were cast by mail before Obama’s extraordinary rise in the polls.

Moreover, we may not know the final results from California immediately. Mail-in votes take longer to count because officials have to check the signature against the registration card for each ballot. Those of us who really want to know the results after two weeks of waiting get to practice being patient!
3. Obama continues to draw huge crowds. The guy is part politician, part rock star. For a full, panoramic photograph of his Boise appearance, click on the thumbnail image below. (Which certainly wasn’t taken by me:  it’s a Flickr.com image, and Ben Smith doesn’t identify the source.)
Obama Boise panorama
4. Obama’s campaign is trying to lower expectations, since Obama supporters are understandably hyped. An Obama spokesman says they’re looking for “rough parity”:  if Obama is within 100 delegates of Clinton after tomorrow’s results are counted, the Obama team will count it as a success.
5. Can Obama possibly be this relaxed?
Obama relaxed


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