Super Tuesday: the full results are finally in

It took eleven days to award all of the delegates from the “Super Tuesday” primaries and caucuses. Here’s a snapshot, adapted from Campaign Diaries.

Super Tuesday Totals as of Feb. 16
Barack Obama 844 1,137
Hillary Clinton 837 1,008
John Edwards 0 26

Those totals do not include superdelegates, where Clinton had a lead of 81 as of Feb. 13. Thus:

            Obama’s lead among pledged delegates:  129.
            Obama’s lead, including superdelegates:     48.

As others have noted, Clinton is going to have a difficult time overcoming Obama’s lead among pledged delegates. Even if Clinton wins the popular vote in Ohio and Texas on March 4 (which isn’t a sure thing), she will likely capture only a few delegates more than Obama.

That’s why Clinton is (a) working hard for superdelegate support; (b) diminishing the significance of the states Obama has won; and (c) insisting that the votes in Michigan and Florida should count, despite the obvious problems with that position noted here.


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