Playing the victim

Yesterday, Barack Obama’s foreign policy advisor resigned, after referring to Hillary Clinton as a monster. Here’s what transpired, point by point:

  • Samantha Power, in an interview with The Scotsman, uses the word “monster” and immediately tries to amend her statement:

    She is a monster, too – that is off the record – she is stooping to anything.

  • 8:56 a.m. — TPM reports that Power has apologized.
  • 10:42 a.m. — TPM reports, the Clinton campaign says that Obama must fire Power.
  • 11:50 a.m. — TPM reports that Power has resigned.

I would describe this as a tempest in a teapot. I think it was necessary for Power to resign, because Obama can’t be seen to engage in ad hominem attacks — it’s contrary to his core message.

So Power (a) immediately attempted to retract the statement; (b) apologized for it; and (c) resigned over it.

If anything, this is overkill.

But don’t you feel sorry for Hillary? — she’s such a victim:

Dear _____________,

Just one day after Senator Obama promised to begin attacking Hillary, a senior Obama advisor has called her a “monster.”

That’s right — a “monster.”

At the same time, Senator Obama’s aides have begun rehashing the old negative attacks of the 90’s against Hillary.

This is not the politics of hope — it’s the usual attack style politics that we have seen time and time again.

And it must stop.

Only you can make that happen. A small contribution now — even as little as $5 — will show the Obama campaign that there is a price to this kind of attack politics.

Make a contribution to stop the Obama attacks.

Ah yes, rehashing the attacks of the 90s. A Clinton spokesman claims that Obama is behaving like Ken Starr. Why? Because Obama insists Clinton should make her income tax returns public (as Obama has done).

It’s a matter of transparency, which is a fundamental principle of democracy:

Ms. Clinton’s refusal to release her returns is exactly contrary to her campaign’s argument that Mr. Obama has not been “fully vetted,” as campaign adviser Harold Ickes said Monday at a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor. When it comes to Ms. Clinton, Mr. Ickes said, “There’s nothing left to vet.” Really? Then show us the tax returns.

There’s nothing Ken Starr-ish about demanding that a presidential candidate release her tax returns:

It has become a given that presidents and vice presidents release their tax returns; why shouldn’t the same be expected of someone applying for the job?

So who is invoking the attacks of the 90s here? The Clinton campaign, which is appealing for the sympathy vote. Remember how badly Ken Starr treated Bill? Now Barack Obama is doing it to us.

David Corn splutters in disbelief:

How can the Clintonites justify tossing questions about Rezko at Obama but decrying his questions about her tax returns, equating his queries with Ken Starr’s inquisition into Whitewater and Monicagate?

Playing the victim. Clinton strikes another blow for feminism:  Boo hoo, Obama was mean to me!

p.s. Send money.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. McSwain
    Mar 08, 2008 @ 11:02:30

    It didn’t bother me at all that Power called Clinton a monster. What bothered ME was her use of the “f” word in the same interview. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but if a person’s one to use that sort of language, there’s a time and place for it. If you’re representing a possible future president, a press interview isn’t the time or place.


  2. Stephen
    Mar 08, 2008 @ 14:34:35

    It is perhaps worth noting that Power isn’t a political talking head. She is

    a bona fide intellectual who has dedicated her career to fighting genocide. (And, oh yeah, she’s an intrepid journalist who put herself at serious physical risk many times in order to learn about it first-hand.)

    Which would make her the sort of person who might drop the f-bomb in a conversation.

    I’ve also read that she was in Scotland on a book tour. I guess she’s got to be prepared to speak about Barack wherever she goes these days, but she wasn’t there for that specific purpose.

    If Obama wins the nomination — and I still believe he will — I think he’d be perfectly justified in bringing her back into his team of advisers.

    If Hillary really thinks Obama hasn’t yet passed the commander-in-chief threshold, then presumably she’d want him to be surrounded by the best foreign policy advisers he can find — both for the good of her party (should he be the nominee) and her country (should he be president). Or is she such a delicate flower that she’d prefer he be denied the benefit of an extremely competent foreign policy adviser because that adviser once called her a nasty name?


  3. USpace
    Mar 09, 2008 @ 03:28:31

    Firing Powers was a mistake, Obama has shown himself to be subservient to the PIAPS.
    Great post. Obama’s aide was right. Hillary is a monster. Of course not the same kind of monster as Hitler, Mao or Stalin, but a monster nonetheless.
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    don’t call monsters monsters

    never expose their evil
    never upset a monster

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    claim to care for people

    call yourself progressive
    your policies hurt poor folk

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    elect women presidents

    who cover for their husbands
    who rape other women

    if you’re MAD
    punish your country
    VOTE for Hillary


    Go here and watch ‘The Hillary Show’ with Howard Dean. It’s Hillarious!



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