The fairy tale candidacy 3

An excerpt from a memo distributed by the Clinton campaign today:

Just a few weeks ago, Barack Obama won 68% of men in Virginia, 67% in Wisconsin and 62% in Maryland. He won 60% of Virginia women and 55% of Maryland women. He won 62% of independents in Maryland, 64% in Wisconsin and 69% in Virginia. Obama won 59% of Democrats in Maryland, 53% in Wisconsin and 62% in Virginia. And among Republicans, Obama won 72% in both Virginia and Wisconsin.

But now Obama’s support has dropped among all these groups. …

Why are so many voters turning away from Barack Obama in state after state? …

If Barack Obama cannot reverse his downward spiral with a big win in Pennsylvania, he cannot possibly be competitive against John McCain in November.

In one of the more amusing exchanges from the campaign trail, the Obama team has fisked the memo:

If they are defining downward spiral as a series of events in which the Clinton campaign has lost more votes, lost more contests and lost more delegates to us – I guess we will have to suffer this horribly painful slide all the way to the nomination and then on to the White House.

Ben Smith has the full fisk.


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  1. Random
    Mar 14, 2008 @ 04:33:28

    following on from your period post, how does Mississippi fit into those trend lines? i’m guessing from the fact that it isn’t mentioned in the Clinton e-mail that most groups have ticked back up again?

    Still, at least Hillary must be wrapping up the math nerd vote with all this stuff (though not me, obviously…).


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