Test Your Awareness

A great PSA that I came across recently on Digg!


Good point. Sad that I didn’t notice, since I myself am a cyclist! 😉

Only criticism is that the colouration of the bear. If they had made it white, I may have been more adept at seeing him, because I was deliberately avoiding looking at black. Because of this, they kind of cheat you out of it, instead of making it something that you really had a fighting chance of seeing. Hopefully on the road you’re at least not deliberately failing to see cyclists!

Still, as a regular biker, I appreciate the support!!!


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  1. Stephen
    Mar 16, 2008 @ 14:28:39

    Good message! I have a vivid memory of an occasion when I was approaching an intersection on my bicycle, and I had a green light. There was a woman in a car on the cross street, waiting to make a right-hand turn. Which she could do on a red light, providing there was no oncoming traffic; that’s the law in Ontario.

    She looked in my direction: I mean, directly at me. But I wasn’t a car and she failed to see me, just like I failed to see the moonwalking bear. She suddenly accelerated into the intersection and missed hitting me by inches.

    When I shouted (I was a little enraged, I must admit!) she looked in her mirror and saw me for the first time. I was very close to her rear bumper, of course, practically in the car with her! So I could see her face just as clearly as she could see mine, and she was astonished — ASTONISHED! — to discover that I was there and she had nearly hit me.

    It was the look on her face that makes the moment so memorable. That and my moment of abject terror.


  2. Zayna
    Mar 16, 2008 @ 16:39:32

    I didn’t see the bear at all and I was also off by 2 on the count of how many passes the white team did. (I counted 11)

    It reminds me of how precarious driving in our current state of mountainous piles of snow that have been snow blown and plowed along our driveways and streets.

    Just yesterday I narrowly escaped plowing into another car because neither of us could see beyond the pile of snow at the corner.

    In the end, I think it behooves us as citizens to extend common courtesy to our fellow travellers.

    Slow down in bad weather and be extra diligent of cyclists and pedestrians.

    Is where you’re going really worth risking someone else’s life for?


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