Pennsylvania votes today

Ben Smith summarizes the past seven weeks:

Barack Obama could have had a worse Pennsylvania primary. DNA tests could have revealed Tony Rezko to be his father. David Axelrod could have absconded with $40 million from his campaign treasury. He could have bowled a 36.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, on the other hand, could hardly have dreamed of a finer time to tout her Scranton roots in one of her several home states. The seven-week gap between primary contests began with video of Obama’s former pastor shrieking that “America’s chickens have come home to roost” and ended with Obama explaining his way out of what sounded like an insult to the gun-owning, God-fearing Democrats of central and western Pennsylvania during a debate that amounted to a 3-on-1 grilling.

But instead of deteriorating into a snoozer of a Clinton blowout, polls that had her up an average of 16 percentage points in mid-March now show her up an average of just 6 points. And both camps — including a visibly energized Obama campaign in recent days — are now preparing to spin Tuesday’s results as a victory.


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