Indian residential schools, part 2

Video of the speeches is now available on youtube.

Perhaps I was unduly hard on Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his failure to emote. (My earlier analysis is here.) History will remember the content of the speech — the words that were spoken — rather than the Prime Minister’s unemotive speaking style. But I do think that this is an issue that ought to induce shame, and shared pain, in the Canadian people:  not least, in our political leaders.

Presumably the Prime Minister feels these things, even if he doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve. And indeed, some emotion seeps through in the latter part of Harper’s speech.

The ten-minute video provides excerpts from several (not all) of the speeches. I should note that the editor has also removed the applause of the Members of Parliament, which is unfortunate. Parliamentarians didn’t applaud frequently, but they underscored the message by expressing their solidarity at key points.

And here is Jack Layton’s speech (I thought it was the best of the bunch) in its entirety:


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