Just because it amuses me

Obama has released his birth certificate (to Daily Kos) to lay some rumours to rest. Like, what if he wasn’t actually born in America like he claims?

Obama's birth certificate

John Cole comments:

Has any other candidate for President been required to prominently and publicly display his/her birth certificate to prove they are American (particularly after they have already won the nomination)?

If so, I am unaware of this happening. If not, I guess this is just more proof of Geraldine Ferraro’s thoughtful “black guys have it easy” thesis.

*** Update ***

The verdict from the lunatic fringe:  It isn’t good enough! the birth certificate needs additional debunking. A genealogist needs to be summoned to determine whether or not Obama’s father is indeed “African.”

This tempest in a teapot amuses me so much that I’ve added an edited version of the birth certificate to the sidebar. Inevitably someone will conclude I’ve gotten the Obama=Messiah bug, but too bad if they can’t appreciate how ludicrous this story is.


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  1. McSwain
    Jun 14, 2008 @ 16:54:18

    Yeah, because people who aren’t actually born in the U.S. slip through the cracks, run for president, and win a nomination ALL THE TIME. Because in today’s world of all sorts of available public records, everyone would miss something that big.



  2. Random
    Jun 14, 2008 @ 19:36:38

    Yes, I can think of one candidate that has gone through a similar hoopla and has faced malign and utterly unfounded insinuations that he is not qualified to be president as a result – John McCain.

    In McCain’s case the insinuation has been that because he was born overseas whilst his family was on military service (Panama City, I think) he therefore fails to meet the “natural born citizen” part of the requirement to be president. The noise surrounding this issues got loud enough that earlier this year the Senate took the remarkable step of passing a resolution declaring that McCain is a natural born citizen and so fully qualified to be president (in the interests of fairness it should be noted that senators Clinton and Obama both co-sponsored the resolution).

    Obama isn’t the only one who is finding that the circumstances of his birth are being used to attack him.


  3. Stephen
    Jun 14, 2008 @ 20:09:33

    C’mon, Random. One of the main talking points against Obama is that he’s “not American enough”. McCain himself nodded to it in his first TV ad for the general campaign: “The American president Americans have been waiting for.” Nudge nudge, wink, wink.

    No one claims that McCain isn’t sufficiently American.

    The only reference to McCain’s birthplace that I have read immediately said that it was not going to generate any controversy for the reason you gave: his parents were in Panama on military service. It would be political suicide for the Democrats to try to make that into an issue!

    But Barack Hussein Obama, crypto-Muslim, sworn into office on a Qu’ran, associated with sundry black militants (and have you noticed — he himself is black!), doesn’t wear a lapel pin, doesn’t put his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance, his wife isn’t proud to be an American — don’t pretend McCain is under the same scrutiny.


  4. Random
    Jun 15, 2008 @ 10:41:59

    Stephen, isn’t that response a bit snippy? All I was doing is pointing out that this sort of smear is flying in both directions – heck, I even went out of my way to point out that Obama had behaved entirely properly in this matter.

    However, on the substance of your reply –

    “No one claims that McCain isn’t sufficiently American”

    Seriously, this is the sort of thing that makes me wonder if you read all the stuff you link to, you certainly don’t seem to be reading the comment threads. Take the first post you link to – 4 of the first 12 comments are discussing McCain’s eligibility with 2 casting doubt on it (and the other two rebutting the doubts). And on your second link you only have to get to the third comment before the McCain smears smart. And this is in June – two months *after* the Senate resolution I referred to!

    And this isn’t the lunatic fringe of the leftist blogosphere – Daily Kos is probably the leading leftist website, and I doubt John Cole’s site is a bit player either.

    As I said previously, this is a line of attack that is very popular in certain quarters, and one that has generated sufficient noise that the Senate went so far as to pass a resolution rebutting it (Senate resolution 511, if you want to check) – which I believe is utterly unprecedented. And as your own links show, the nutroots are still not prepared to let this one go no matter how many times it gets debunked.

    As for the other things – oh, please. Obama is being scrutinised for associating with unsavory black militants (and white ones – at least Obama is not a racist in his choice of unsavory friends) because he *did* associate with them. Likewise the lapel pin and pledge of allegiance issues, which may be trivial to the likes of you and me but seem to matter to a lot of Americans. As for his ghastly wife – who I would remind you I have never once made an issue of and only discuss now because you raised the subject – if she goes around saying she wasn’t proud of America until it started to recognise the sheer wonderfulness of Barack (and presumably, by extension, Michelle) Obama, then she can’t really complain about being attacked for it.

    The other stuff is indeed slimy nonsense, but as I said both sides are getting this sort of stuff. If you don’t believe me, google on “McCain” and “Manchurian Candidate” if you want to see a really unpleasant smear.


  5. billarends
    Jun 15, 2008 @ 12:43:31

    I just find it irritating in politics that this sort of spin doctoring happens on both sides its crap that the public shouldn’t have to hear. Let’s just make it criminal and be done with it.

    Aside from that I find it incredible that Hawaiian birth certificates had the race of the parents listed on them in the 60s, isn’t that rather racist. What purpose does that serve? It doesn’t identify the person because there is a good chance the person could look like either parent, or as is not uncommon, neither of them.

    What happened to equality I could care less if a candidate is Black White Male female or hermaphrodite so long as he she or whatever can do the job. I really don’t know a good reason that a person has to be a natural born citizen to be the leader either. This is just an example of national paranoia, which seems popular north of the border.

    This whole thing should be a non-issue. Arnold didn’t turned California into little Austria did he?


  6. Stephen
    Jun 15, 2008 @ 14:19:55

    • Random:
    I didn’t mean to be snippy. I just don’t think this issue is likely to reduce McCain’s chances of winning the election. But it is probably the biggest obstacle to Obama getting elected.

    (OK, there are two main obstacles: not American enough and not experienced enough. Only one of which is a legitimate issue.)

    I didn’t read the comments on the sites I linked to. But you’ll note that the Daily Kos was responding to concerns raised by the National Review. Have the major blogs been ragging on McCain’s birthplace, or just nutjob commenters? Comments don’t count for much (so I rarely read them) because there are just too many ignorant people out there.

    As for Obama and the Pledge of Allegiance — the allegation was false. The notorious photo was taken during the singing of the national anthem, at a steak fry.

    • Bill:
    Good point about Arnold.


  7. Random
    Jun 16, 2008 @ 05:02:10

    “Have the major blogs been ragging on McCain’s birthplace, or just nutjob commenters?”

    I don’t spend much time on the major leftist blogs as a rule, but I trust you’ll agree that the Huffington Post is a significant blog, and for that matter this post makes it clear that the New York Times (which I’m assuming we both agree trumps any blog) has also been running with this smear.


  8. juggling mother
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 04:49:14

    fyi, in the UK they are pretty much being billed as:

    a) young, black newcomer


    b) experienced, all-american-hero conservative

    I didnt even know about McCain’s birthplace, but have heard plenty about Obama. No controvesy tho -we don’t care one iota about birthplaces over here:)


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