New addition to our household


We adopted a dog from the humane society on Tuesday. We don’t have a particularly good picture of her yet, but these two will give you the general idea.


Aero (like the chocolate bar) is part Husky and part Labrador Retriever. Predominantly Husky, according to the Humane Society, which was confirmed by a veterinarian friend. She doesn’t look anything like what comes to mind when I hear the word “Husky”, but in fact there are a variety of Husky breeds.

She’s approximately 9 months old. That’s an estimate, because the Humane Society has no history on her — either she was abandoned, or she ran away from her people. Apparently Huskies are notorious for that, so we’ll be keeping her on the leash at all times, at least initially.

We wanted two contrary things in a dog. Ilona runs a daycare out of our home, so we need a dog who will be quiet around the toddlers. But the dog is first and foremost a companion for me, and I want an active pet:  one who will go running with me, or happily walk 5 kms (= 3 miles) downtown for a coffee.

Our strategy is to put Aero in her crate for about 45 minutes while the children are arriving. Then we bring her downstairs, which makes her very, very excited! But it only takes about 3 minutes to calm her down. Then she lies down on the floor and chills out. Or she follows the adults around the house to see if they’re doing anything interesting (like preparing food).

On the other hand, I’m sure a 5 km walk will be no challenge for her. It’s delightful to see Aero exploring the neighborhood:  head held high, ears up, with a gait that is almost a prance. I will never tire this dog out. So I’ve got my companion, but she is adjusting to the daycare just fine on only her second full day with us.

I take Aero for a walk at 6:00 a.m. Rebekah, who is fifteen years old, takes care of dog-walking duties during the daytime. When Rebekah returns to school, we’ll probably hire someone to walk Aero, so that she doesn’t go too stir crazy waiting for me to return home.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ilona
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 10:53:23

    She’s the sweetest-natured thing. Today we went to the Pet Smart store and loaded up on necessities. While I chatted with the salespeople and Rebekah held the leash, Aero lay down on the floor and let the daycare tots adore her. Lots of lovin’ for this pup! Awww…


  2. Jack
    Aug 08, 2008 @ 18:37:23

    Congratulations on the new addition.


  3. Zayna
    Aug 09, 2008 @ 13:01:02

    What a sweetie! Congratulations.


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