McCain’s lobbyist chickens come home to roost

A while back, I linked to a chart showing all the lobbyists who have positions in John McCain’s presidential campaign. I see that the Media Matters Action Network is keeping the site current.

Click on the image to go to the Media Matters site. But the gist of the diagram is this:  the red, centre balloon represents John McCain; all the other balloons represent lobbyists working on the McCain campaign:

Why is this a big deal? The trouble with lobbyists is that they serve corporate interests, which may conflict with voters’ interests.

Imagine, for example, if Rick Davis (McCain’s campaign chairman) had lobbied Congress to permit foreign interests to purchase an American business. And then imagine if the foreign owners eliminated over 8,000 American jobs. Let’s say it happened in Ohio, while Mr. Davis raked in nearly $600,000 in lobbyist fees.

Obama’s latest ads are focusing on actual issues. In addition to the above, see this ad re new energy sources.

Meanwhile, McCain continues to attack Obama by depicting him as a mere celebrity. He’s now up to his third such ad:  “Life in the spotlight must be grand!

So who’s grappling with actual issues? And who’s not ready to lead?


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  1. loomisnews
    Aug 09, 2008 @ 18:51:33

    your chart of lobbyists is too big! My computer doesn’t have enough RAM to show the whole universe of McCain lobbyists. Maybe you should chop it up into 20 or 30 .sections.

    Or I could wait until all the McCain lobbyists go away…. it should happen on Nov. 5, 2008


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