Pitch perfect:

The Obama campaign has settled on the number seven, as in, “John McCain owns seven homes.” That’s only an estimate, and a generous one at that.

McCain’s residences are genuinely rather difficult to count! In Phoenix, McCain bought two condominiums and renovated them to make one super duper condominium. McCain also owns a ranch with six houses on it. You could count just those two properties as two, seven, or eight homes.

USA Today comes up with a total of twelve:

McCain’s campaign says the Arizona senator has four residences:  condos in Phoenix, Arlington, Va., and Coronado, Calif., and a house in Sedona, Ariz. All are owned by his wife, Cindy, and their children, who also own eight other residential properties. Those include four other houses at the 15-acre Sedona spread and four more condos, according to real estate records and the senator’s financial disclosure reports. The dozen properties are worth more than $10 million, current assessments show.

If you want details, this site provides ’em.

Climate Progress contemplates the size of McCain’s carbon footprint, given his seven (or ten or twelve) homes. The whole situation is eminently, deliciously mockable:

I was thinking to myself this morning, "gee Matt, you don’t own any houses and yet the current downturn’s made it a buyer’s market, why not pick up 7-12 homes?"

After deriding Obama on totally bogus grounds, McCain has stepped in the doo-doo big time. Just in time for the Democratic convention, too!

It couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. (Or a more deserving political party:  the Republican swiftboating of John Kerry, etc., etc.)


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  1. aaron
    Aug 24, 2008 @ 08:49:31

    Knowing the chutzpah of some of the Republican groups that place ads, I half expect one of them to charge Obama with lying because he said McCain only has 7 houses. Can’t you just hear the voice over:

    “If Obama will lie about something as insignificant as how many houses McCain has, what won’t he lie about?”


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