McCain’s incendiary rhetoric

When Barack Obama made these remarks at the end of July, he was criticized for playing the “race card” card. That is, Obama was accusing McCain of racism when, in the opinion of most observers, McCain hadn’t crossed any such line.

That was then; this is now. Some clever person has put Obama’s remarks together with McCain’s recent campaign tactics. The fit is perfect.

As the video shows, Sarah Palin puts it like this:  “Obama palls around with [domestic] terrorists.” Note the plural noun. Aside from Obama’s doubtful connection to Bill Ayers, to whom is Palin referring?

In response to such overwrought rhetoric, some McCain / Palin supporters have been expressing rage that borders on violence. McCain is now trying to call off the dogs. I suspect he has been warned that, should something happen to Obama, McCain will be partly responsible.

Good for him. But it exacerbates the general incoherence of McCain’s campaign, when you set it alongside ads saying things like this:

When convenient, he worked with terrorist Bill Ayers. When discovered, he lied. Obama:  blind ambition, bad judgment.

Other ads describe Obama as “dangerous.” But McCain says Obama is a decent person, and Americans don’t need to be afraid of an Obama presidency.

Inconsistent much?


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