White Christmas everywhere in Canada

A white Christmas in Canada? What are the odds of that?!

The odds are lower than you might suppose! In fact, this will be the first one since 1971. But the standard we’re describing is a white Christmas in every region of Canada. From today’s Globe and Mail:

Winter walloped Vancouver on the official start of the snowy season Sunday — and it was the same story across the country as Canada approaches its first coast-to-coast white Christmas in almost four decades.

Snow piled up in Vancouver, slowing down traffic and pedestrians.

Snow in Vancouver, November 2006. Photo by Flickr user Ms. Melch; all rights reserved.

Vancouver is certain to have its first white Christmas since 1998, when there was 20 centimetres on the ground. The temperature is predicted at or below zero through the week.

A white Christmas in Vancouver happens about once a decade and John McIntyre, an Environment Canada meteorologist in the city, said British Columbia’s Lower Mainland could have a “perfect Christmas,” which the government weather agency defines as snow on the ground and snow falling.

It also looks like Canada will have its first coast-to-coast white Christmas since 1971. Vancouver is generally without snow and on the years it has it, other areas such as Southern Ontario aren’t under the cold blanket.

“It’s a white Christmas, everywhere,” said André Cantin, an Environment Canada meteorologist in Quebec City.


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  1. Juggling mother
    Dec 23, 2008 @ 16:53:19

    A single snowflake on the met station in London is all that is required for a white christmas to be declared in the UK. And there is not a hope of it this year. As usual.


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