Longer is better

Quote for the day:

They are now claiming they are the widest. Well, they can be wide. I’d rather be long.

Paul Jordan, chief operating officer of a community development organization, argues that the outdoor skating rink in Winnipeg is superior to Ottawa’s famed Rideau Canal skating rink. Winnipeg recently supplanted Ottawa in the Guiness Book of Records for having the world’s longest naturally frozen skating trail.

Ottawans can stoop to a little trash-talking in their turn. Paul Dewar, Member of Parliament for Ottawa Centre, says the Winnipeg trail is “more of a cow path than a skating rink.” It seems that the Winnipeg surface narrows to the width of a car in spots.

Take that, ‘peggers!


Inevitably, we get back to the perennial debate:  is it size that matters, or is there some other measure of superiority?

We need a skate-off. An independent third party can skate our canal and then attempt to skate on the Winnipeg path. It’s not just quantity but quality that matters in good ice.



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  1. Joe The Plumber
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 11:12:28

    I think a woman’s opinion would be best on this one 🙂


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