Northern lights

The Globe and Mail published photos taken in Canada, submitted by their readership. Here’s my favourite from the nine best-of:

northern lights, Yellowknife

It’s a photo of the northern lights, taken in Yellowknife.

I’m a bit puzzled by a couple of the other selections featured by the Globe and Mail. A reflection of the Royal Ontario Museum in the side mirror of a car? I guess it’s technically clever, but it’s not as stirring as the other photos in the series. And the name is, Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) — not the Ontario Royal Museum, as it says in the Globe’s caption.

I saw the northern lights during one of my flights back from Manitoba. Not with the spectacular colours of the photo above, but still very distinctive and fascinating.

Now that I have an iPhone, I’ve been snapping the occasional pic out the windows of airplanes. The iPhone camera isn’t very good — but it’s convenient to have a camera on me at virtually all times.

I took this one just before we landed at the Ottawa International Airport one day. I like the maze-like appearance formed by the rows of houses seen from above, from a distance.

houses viewed from the sky

Here’s another interesting photo, taken during a flight back from British Columbia. We might have been flying over Alberta at this point. It makes me think of veins in the earth.

veins in the earth

Whenever I take a photo with dramatic lines in it, I like to play with it in Paint Shop Pro. Here’s a kaleidoscope effect (with some other enhancements) :


And my favourite version, with a “weave” effect:

woven veins

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. billarends
    May 29, 2009 @ 13:36:34

    Cool Pics – What Camera do you have now? Canon Nikon Sony?


  2. Zayna
    May 29, 2009 @ 16:40:52

    Those are some awesome pics…I particularly like your artistic renditions.



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